Jojoba oil with Hemp Seed Oil
Jojoba is perfectly balanced for softening, soothing, and hydrating dry and
mature skin. Organic jojoba oil virtually mirrors the skin’s own natural oils,
which help this lotion absorb quickly and deeply, leaving skin feeling extra soft,
silky, smooth, and gorgeous. The anti-inflammatory oil is extremely light-
weight and hence, it takes essential oils deep into the skin through fast
absorption. It dissolves sebum in our skin so that people with oily skin don’t
get a greasy feeling upon application.
The oil from the hemp seed is highly nutritious and is especially helpful for the
skin. The vitamins and fatty acids in this oil may help keep the skin healthy and
prevent breakouts. The abundance of fatty acids may make the oil an excellent
choice for nourishing the skin and protecting it from inflammation, oxidation,
and other causes of aging.
The topical application of hemp seed oil strengthens the skin and makes it
better able to resist infection. Hemp seed oil is a helpful treatment for a range
of skin issues, including: eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, varicose eczema and

acne  rosacea . These benefits are likely to be due to the high quantity of
beneficial fats and other helpful compounds in the oil.
$30 / 100ml

Jojoba oil with Hemp Seed Oil