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2 in 1 Body Wash & Exfoliant, 400ml/13.5oz

2 in 1 Body Wash & Exfoliant, 400ml/13.5oz


Olive Oil Body Wash with Exfoliant

Perfect for all skin types, our nourishing body wash is blended with a fresh and energizing scent that has a calming, healing effect on the skin and will balance the skin’s natural oils as it cleanses.


With no sulfates, it produces a creamy low lather and leaves your skin youthful, silky and hydrated. Pure organic virgin olive oil is a deeply moisturizing oil rich in nutrients, including oleic acid.


Body Wash and Exfoliant can be used in shower or bath to leave your skin gently cleansed and softened. The result is an intensely moisturizing and nutritious body wash with incredible hydrating and cleansing properties. 

$16 / 100ml,  $22 / 400ml