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Our story begins in the Holy Land thousands of years ago. Even then our ancestors knew about the amazing effects of olive oil. Rubbed into the skin, olive oil softened and protected. Rubbed on the scalp and in the hair, olive oil cleaned the scalp of dead cells and left hair shiny and fragrant.​ Today, Tobi Beauty Products continues on the same path: using pure, natural, gentile organic* olive oil in our products.


Located in the Western Galil in northern Israel, we are producing the best in olive oil based beauty products under our trade name “o.live.me”.

Our Body Wash and Exfrolient contains no sugar or salt; instead, we use crushed olive pulp. Why? Because olive pulp serves a duel purpose: it is gentle on the skin while adding an additional moisturizing element. 


A number of our facial serums add a collection of essential oils, vitamins and enchanting fragrances to offer you the perfect formulation for enriching your skin. In addition to olive oil, we are offering pure, natural, organic coconut oil and jojoba oil products.     


We can proudly say that Tobi Beauty Products are the purest and most natural beauty products available to the public. In the near future, we will be introducing a full line of perfumes and colognes for men and women.

*In Israel, most olives are harvested by farmers who have small plots of trees to supply olives and olive oil for their families’ needs. The excess oil is sold to companies like Tobi Beauty Products. These trees are indigenes to the country and grow with little or no care. They are never sprayed.